The Problem with Defining Others

 When we observe other people’s behavior – especially seemingly bad behavior – we are more likely to assume that it was due to their character or disposition than to the situation. 

   However, with our own behavior and mistakes we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt and blame the situation. Always.
        Ask yourself if you think you might you be putting undue emphasis on someone’s personality or character rather than the situation they found themselves in?

  I can tell you that the last three years of my marriage involved exactly that scenario. I had to hussle here and there to get money to live. Nothing bad, but enough to put me on wife-watch. Sometimes it would turn out ok and others not. I guess on a ratio of 3 to 7… the 7 being the not. 

   If that sounds like there was chances taken and gambling involved to you, then Ching-ching! You just got the mini jackpot of correct answers.

   Our own experience and life in general is littered with stories of the evil and the wicked, the goodies and baddies. They are a part of our psyche. They are all a part of how we define others often but never ourselves. We almost always consider ourselves a ‘Goody’ by default. 

But aren’t we all both? 


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