A Life not Lived

   There is one thing that I will be able to say when all is said and done. And that is I definitely didn’t die wondering what if…

   It is easy to be afraid these days. To be scared of the uncertainty of the future and how quickly it comes is just normal life for many. 

   To live life this way is really just surviving life. And in survival mode people batton down, save their money, life frugally and take things one day at a time. One hour at a time even. 

   Too bad that most of the things we are afraid of dont exist anywhere more than in our heads. These fears are often just of our products of our own projections and scenarios of what we fear in the future. But rarely does it turn out how we thought. 

 You cannot stay in your comfort zone forever. Magic happens outside your safe boundary. 

 Until you make that all important decision to take that crucial step, you will feel stuck, you will stay in your self fulfilling future.

A life full of safety nets and ‘one step at a time’ type thinking might get you to the finish line uninjured, but it is a life unlived.

A life unlived. Think about that for a minute. What a waste of something so miraculous – being conceived. The odds of us being first in that race are astronomical even. 

Then from being conceived to born healthy the odds are again hard to contemplate. To waste life by not ever taking a risk, not allowing the magic of chance is to beyond words.

The odds of us actually being born are astronomical. To actually win that race of millions is an achievement that few will ever top.

To play life safe after that, to let fear be the guiding force in life after that monumental ‘achievement’ of being a living, breathing human is almost an insult to the universe.

You should give back your ticket and let someone else into the park so they can ride the roller coaster while you sit on a bench somewhere in the abyss of nowheresville universe. You get what I’m trying to say.

Don’t just think about it, Act! The Butterfly Effect is real. If you don’t know what that is – Look it up! Your movement in the world creates a different world to the one that would of been if you hadn’t moved. Simple really.

But like so many things, we don’t believe it because we can’t see it and hold it if we wanted to. It takes knowledge but it also takes faith. And dare I say it, Chance.

Action begets outcome. Outcome begets more action. You can only create or build when you make a move. Momentum builds through action. You can’t see the results you expect until you overcome your fear of starting.

Begin to take the first step at actually creating a new business, starting a new project or building the life you want. The only thing worse than failure is not starting.

Failure is not final. There are way too many people out there who want to stay in their comfort zone and take no action but still complain of their current life. Don’t be one of them. A single step gets you closer to your dream even if you dont know what that is.

Surely it cant be your dream to live half your life in an office cubicle. Like a toilet brush only you don’t get wet as much.

Don’t discount the power of action no matter how small. Action, momentum, reaction. The principles of the Universe are waiting to work with you if you just start to move in the direction of your dreams.

And if you have no dreams…. Wake Up!!!

Despite the many options the new have as a generation, we are still left with a paradox of inaction. On one hand we instinctively tend to stick with the default: get an education, get good grades and purse a career society deems “respectful”. Your mother will be proud, your wife might pretend you excite her after 5 years and you might even get that boat before retirement.Wow.

You may as well of been a fucking plant.

Those careers promise financial security devoid of risks. But to me that is devoid of air. Devoid of life. Safe over risk has always been the choice of millions. It’s a safer bet. Nobody likes to rock the boat. 

   We feel safe in our comfort zones, where we can avoid the sting of regret, of embarrassment and even shame. 

So living is put on hold while we ‘safely’ navigate life. until our deaths. 

    Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? We think we are above the fish in the ocean but if we live life this way, are we? At least they travel. How many people do you know have basically given up on anything that involves any risk whatsoever.

And yet, at the same time, we regret most of those actions and risks we did not take.

   Studies consistently show that when we look back on our lives the most common regrets are not the risks we took, but the ones we didn’t.

Of the many regrets people describe, regrets of inaction outnumber those of action by nearly two to one.

Some of the most common include not being more assertive, and failing to seize the moment. When people reflect later in life, it is the things they did not do that generate the greatest despair.

But you can do something about what you truly want in life now.

You don’t have to have many regrets when you can seize the moment today. There are more opportunities to completely reinvent your role in the system than ever before. Start small.

Today, just pick up a pen. Tomorrow, actually write down an idea. That gets the ball rolling and even though you can’t see it or even realise you are having an effect, in reality the laws of the universe, action and reaction, a daisy chain effect is started and the Universe is on your side. It is just because thats the way it is.


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